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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brief Mention(s): (Dumb Dads Make Their Daughters Sad… Or Dead.)

Supergirl # 42

Writer: Sterling Gates

Penciller: Jamal Igle

Inker: Jon Sibal

This could be one of the most underrated Metropolis books… ever. I will say this only once, so that means listen, Supergirl is, as good as all the other Metropolis books on the shelf. What this means is that Sterling Gates is giving us a quality of writing that rivals some of the best in the business. (Personally, two of my favorite writers in the business.) With that said, every time I see a person picking up Action, Superman, and W.O.N.K. and ask them if they are reading Supergirl and they say no, I turn a little grayer. (I’m going old school here.) Recognize… people. You’re missing out on piece of an epic puzzle.

(Adam Hughes)

Some of you will remember that the previous issue was pretty explosive. (You see how I did that? I learned it by watching Dayron… from afar.) This issue sheds some light on questions we were left with after issue # 41. Particularly, how the fundamental nature of certain relationships will change. Needless to say, Clark is a lucky little alien to be off planet at the moment. I can’t help but think that many relationships are about to change. Gates has definitely found a way to put our characters into impossible situations and he does this in a way that you can easily connect with. Not to say, I'm killin' cousin (or a kissin' cousin… well, that’s mostly a true story.) But you can really feel and appreciate what has befallen upon the cast of this book, which look great. You can thank Jamal Igle for that. So be smart and read Supergirl. In doubt, just ask someone who is reading Supergirl. They will tell you. (What you should be learning from me, right now!) Supergirl rules, Sterling Gates rocks, Jamal Igle rolls and together it is hardcore, man… fucking… hardcore… man. -Rob

(J. G. Jones)

(Jamal Igle... and what the hell is this? I guess we will find out.)

(Nature… possibly augmented.)

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Scotty Don't said...

That's not drawn by Jamal Igle, that's drawn by Carlo Dagnano I think