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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Whatever you Want: The Question Five Books of Blood

The Question: the Five Books of Blood

By: Greg Rucka

How far would you go to learn about the Religion of Crime? That is the question ex-cop Renee Montoya, aka the new Question, must ask herself. This book was excellent. A quick read, broken up into five chapters, each chronicling a different aspect of the Religion of Crime. Each chapter starts with an excerpt from the Crime Bible.

In the chapter of Deceit, Renee tries to get a glimpse of one of the Black Books that an author claims to have read. She follows him home only to catch him in the act of trying to murder his wife to boost book sales. This is the first time she meets and fights Brother Flay, a monk from the order of the Stone. Chapter Two is Lust, where Renee goes to a House of Lilith to spend time with Elicia. Once integrated into seeming like a regular customer, Renee moves freely about the House as the Question, gaining information.

As the book progresses, we watch Renee fall deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole. She fights with Batwoman over the Bastard's Folio, said to contain Cain's second foretelling. She chases down a cop killer, only to meet up again with Brother Flay. He gives her coordinates to a meeting place, telling her that if she didn't meet him there that he would kill everyone that has meaning in her life.

I'm a huge fan of Greg Rucka and the character of Renee Montoya. This story was a thrill to read and kept me guessing at every turn. I highly suggest it to anyone who read 52, likes Rucka's style of writing, or is looking for a great read. I look forward to reading more about the character of the Question in the future.

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Rob Anytime- Anywhere said...

i'm confused. did rucka do the art too or was it somebody else and you are holding out on us? and it sounds like you need to get into the f.c. revelations which leads you into detective all written by greg rucka.