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Monday, August 31, 2009

Whatever You Want: Life Sucks

Life Sucks

By: Jessica Abel and Gabe Soria

Art By: Warren Pleece

Anyone who knows me shouldn't be surprised that I enjoyed this book. It combines two of my favorite things: vampires and the movie Clerks. That's right: Vampire Clerks. Dave Miller is your typical college student applying for a job at the Last Stop convenience store. He's excited to be hired on the spot by Radu, until Radu turns him into a vampire and he's stuck as the night manager for all eternity. And Dave can't use regular vampire powers like turn into mist because he refuses to kill humans; he drinks stale blood from the blood banks. Not to mention with Radu being his master, he gets forced into working on his days off ("I'm not even supposed to be here today! " would fit perfectly into this story). If the day guy is late, Dave is in for a world of hurt, literally.

To make life even worse for Dave, there is a pretty goth girl named Rosa that visits the store, but doesn't know he exists. Rosa is part of the nightly "running of the goths" that waltz passed the Last Stop after the local juice bar closes for the night. She imagines being a vampire as the speedy route to an uncomplicated life of elegance and beauty. Little does she know that proof it is otherwise is right under her nose.

Did I forget to mention that there even is a Randal character? Dave's friend Jerome fits that part to a tee, right down to closing the copy store he slaves at for his master to join Dave in the nightly running of the goths. While the writing isn't on par with Kevin Smith, it's still pretty good. Plus, the vampires make fun of the goths, i e "Nice cape." Who can pass that up?

All in all, I enjoyed this book and can't decide whether I want to shelve it with my comics or vampire books.

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