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Monday, August 3, 2009

Blog Log #2 (Out of the Milk Crates: War… What Is It Good For? Um… Good Comics!?!)

Fury: Peacemaker TP

Writer- Garth Ennis

Pencils- Darick Robertson

Inks: Jimmy Palmiotti & Rodney Ramos

So, there I was the other day, just chillin’ on my couch. (Which, is equipped with an asshole… just ask Dayron.) I had finished my stack of new comics and was in that, oh so awful state of desperation of what to now. Sure, I could pick up my six string and bust out a few hits but I was kind of jonesin’ for a kick-ass story. Since, we were lucky enough to get one of Marvel’s finest this week, (You know… Secret Warriors? …Right? …People?) I thought, “Hey, Nick Fury is a badass. Maybe, I should read a Nick Fury Story.” And so… I did. And this is how that went.

I am a fan of WW2 stories and it seems Garth Ennis is, as well. The proof is in the quantity of Garth’s war stories. Not to mention, that recently, as a Marvel fan and more specifically, a Captain America fan I have read a few WW tales in my day. (I even heard a few from my dear old granddad.) Reading Fury: Peacemaker reminded me that Cap was not the only hero during this world devastating conflict. Obviously, anyone in the armed forces, past or present, are heroes but here I am speaking in comicbotics. (Meaning, Cap and the Invaders and what not.) It turns out I have seemed to be overlooking a major player in the big war. He goes by the name Nick Fury and he is most definitely a howling warrior. This trade takes place during Sergeant Fury’s time in Tunisia. The year was 1943 and Nazi Germany needed to be wiped of the planet like a whiskey shit from a hairy, hairy ass. (A.K.A a Shitler) Explosions, blood and death ensue, as Fury must figure out whom he needs to kill. Well, I guess in Fury’s case it’s easier to figure out whom not to kill. (The numbers would be a lot smaller, of course.) Obviously, he is a man that can take care of himself and do what needs to be done to survive. It is an absolutely funtastical read, especially if you like the time period and the action of war. You saw the team right? Yup, it’s the guys bringing us the Boys and the countless other good time readings they have produced over the years with other folks. So come on… take my word for it, if you like Fury, war stories, or comics in general you will dig this story. And all of you Punisher fans should take heed when I say this, “Fury: Peacemaker is equivalent to Punisher: Born! And if you liked Born, then you know it is the work of the same damned team.” Seriously, if you are a fan of Captain America, Sgt. Rock, Garth Ennis, or Darick Robertson you have no choice but to read this book. And now to get Dayron to check it out I will say, “If you don’t read this book you don’t like Band of Brothers.” In closing I would like to say that Fury is officially two-eyed eagle in this book… or is he? In closing my closing, I leave you with this, “To the end of the war Nick and the beginning of many more.” The poor bastard has no idea...


*In the case that you want to know what Fury is up to now, check out Secret Warriors. It fucking rules!!!

**That’s Fury: Peacemaker, not to be confused with Colt: Peacemaker. Resemblance is noted.
(Obviously, This had to be done.)(You are welcome!)

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