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Friday, April 24, 2009

Living Up To Expectations

Ex Machina # 41

Writer –Brian K. Vaughan

Penciller - Tony Harris

Surprise… surprise another great issue from this amazing team. What can I really say about these guys that would really do them any justice? We all know BKV can spin a damned good yarn and Tony, well he is Tony or Jack or Kremlin or something. In short, both of these guys have a long list of material out there that is just waiting to penetrate, titillate, and stimulate your noggins. Now doesn’t that sound like something worth looking into?

Issue # 41 showed us Hundred’s plan for his next year in office. I have to say that watching this man’s growth over the past few years has been amazing. He seems to be the imaginary perfect politician. Sure he has his problems but he is only human… well except for the whole powers thing. Does he always have the answers? Does he always make the right decisions? Can he fix everything that needs fixing? Absolutely not but he is the kind of guy that will look you right in the face and tell you, we are fucked and if we don’t all work together we will find ourselves even more fucked. That my friends, is truth and that is what makes Hundred an imaginary perfect politician. But something tells me that the well being of New Yorkers is not the only issue Mayor Hundred will be dealing with this next year. Hey, at least, "Enemies stab you in the front."

Obviously, everybody should be checking Ex Machina out. It even has man eating rats.

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