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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

From The Dorks' Soundtrack: The Wonders of Pandora

Music from Episode 60 - Potato Salad

Band: El Ten Eleven

Album: El Ten Eleven

Song: My Only Swerving

Lately I've been listening to Pandora a whole lot. When I'm at work at the shop there is no better alternative to the radio than Pandora these days. When I managed the Fairview Heights store we listened to a whole lot of CD's and while that certainly holds it's own appeal it doesn't hold the spontaneity of the radio and unfortunately the radio these days doesn't resemble anything like the kinds of music I actually care about and is so repetitive and filled with commercials that I find it borderline intolerable (with the exception of NPR and local public radio). So when I first got here to South County I started experimenting with Pandora again and when I started creating my own radio station for the store I found that it was so enriching and enjoyable that I couldn't begin to imagine the workday without it. At first there was a whole lot of music that I was already familiar with which was not altogether a bad thing but as things got more complex with the mix of bands I was feeding into the seeding of the station the more new bands started to pop up and I started hearing really exciting bands that I was not at all accquainted with and some that I had forgotten about. Some bands that I immediately latched onto were groups like The Spinto Band, Low, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Album Leaf, and El Ten Eleven.

I'm pretty sure that they arrived on my Pandora station because of the Ratatat seed and I started falling in love with the similarities between the two as well as the differences. The band got together in 2003 and released their first album in 2004 and then rereleased it in 2005 through Bar/None Records. The music that they produce is sort of pure rock bliss. I wish I could speak more intelligently about them but I've only really just started listening to them with any sort of frequency recently and I've yet to see them live (though I will be doing so when they come to town next week and grace the little venue that can The Firebird).

So, expect to hear more about them in the nearish future.

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