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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Living Up to Expectations: snoitatcepxE ot pU gniviL. (Anyway You Spell It Comics Are For Losers.)

Dark Reign: Fantastic Four # 2

Writer –Jonathan Hickman

Pencils- Sean Chen

What can I say? Who gives a rats ass about a bunch of stupid heroes who cause trouble and then defeat it. Do you know how many times Reed has almost destroyed our planet? Well, I don’t have specific stats, but I know it has been a lot. I feel saddened that Hickman finally gets into Marvel only to find the worst new title on the shelf. Come on people let’s lay this trifle down. Look what they do to their children. What about the children? Will they ever grow up to be cowboys? No! Because, their genius dad will build a device that blows up our planet ruining any chance for any one to be any thing. For crying out loud people how much can we take? And Sean is that your real poop on the pages or someone else’s?

Secret Warriors # 3

Story –Bendis and Hickman

Script –Jonathan Hickman

Art –Stefano Caselli

Somebody kill Fury please. His one-eyed ass has turned into a mounted Eagle. Here’s an idea. Since, I am old and have one eye I will have kids fight my meaningless battles and hopefully some kids will die. Now… Hasselhoff, that was a Fury you could get behind. But, here we are with this old bastard smoking cigars while children do his bidding. Seriously, Hickman are you trying to make me stop reading comics. These characters suck bring back the skrulls. Four words in a musical fashion; dum dum… dum dum… How many people does it take to make a stupid book? I always thought one but apparently it takes more when Fury is involved. Hey, Stefano why not throw some puke in the mix?

* AHAHAHAHA I FOOLED YOU BIG DUMMIES AHAHAHAHAHA! I know... worst blog ever! Listen to me if you don’t read these books you need to rethink your station in life. Great writing and great art is happening at Marvel, right now. If you don’t know about it fix that. And, a happy April 1st to y’all.

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