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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Written By Andi Watson

Illustrated by Josh Howard

Charlotte “Lottie” Brooke is your typical city goth, into the scene. That is until she is exiled to Meadowdale for the summer after getting caught with a fake I.D. at an exclusive night club. Needless to say, she is displeased with the prospect of spending her summer with her grandparents at their country club and working at the pro shop. Upon arriving the into the country, her grandmother starts trying to set her up with the head groundskeeper’s son, the only male her age at the country club. Her grandfather takes her for a walk in the rain to see how the new country club is coming along. This is where Lottie’s luck goes from bad to worse. She snaps the heel off of her three hundred dollar boots.

If that weren’t bad enough, there’s no cell phone reception and she’s not allowed in her grandfather’s office to use the dial-up to get to the internet. It is Lottie’s own personal hell. She’s forced to go on a morning stroll with her grandmother the next day, and, after struggling to keep up, she heads down to the town for a pop. She meets Howard, the groundskeeper’s son, whom she immediately dislikes, gets kicked out of the taproom for being a girl, and meets Emma, a local goth. All in all, the summer is starting to suck. It starts to turn around when she overhears her grandfather talking with Geraldine, who turns up dead after causing a scene at the cake baking event. And that’s just the beginning of the weirdness that Lottie experiences during her summer break.

This was another great Minx book that I got to read. I am sad that DC killed the line. Pretty much every Minx book I have read, I’ve liked. Andi Watson tells a great and twisted story and Josh Howard’s art is fun and lively. Lottie reminds me a lot of one of my friends, and has a good bit of growing up in the story. I definitely did not see the ending coming; it took me completely by surprise. I recommend this book highly for anyone who likes a good, campy, twisty story.

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