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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Brief Mentions: The Future Brings Dark Days

X-Factor #45

Written By: Peter David

Art By: Marco Santucci @ Valentine de Landro

I’m finally caught up and it feels good. For along time now I have been buying X-Factor issues but not reading them. The main obstacle standing in my way was the Secret Invasion crossover. One factor (no pun intended) was that Secret Invasion was an event that I was no longer concerned about and secondly was the art. But, as always, Peter David’s storytelling continues to become more involved, more emotional, and more awesome. This last week I decided to soldier through the horrendous art and read up to this week’s current issue X-Factor #45, part 3 of Madrox’s journey into the future. This issue has made me so glad that I am finally caught up in issues. David continues to create new and exciting stories, filled with unique new characters and concepts. Jamie Madrox finds himself in the middle of the Summers Rebellion consisting of a battered Scott Summers and his daughter, Ruby. The fate of this rebellion lies in the hands of a familiar foe from long ago. The mystery of the cortex also furthers as the xf investigators frantically try to figure out the cortex’s meaning while being battled on all fronts. Marco Santucci and Valentine de Landro absolutely destroy on this art. I will never take good art for granted ever again. This is just an excellent book and has been since it’s beginning. I urge everyone to check this book out and read some amazing comic booking that is easily some of the best in the industry.

Dark Avengers #6

Written By: Brian Michael Bendis

Art By: Mike Deodato @ Will Conrad

Dark Reign has been a very fulfilling event. Many great books have come out of this event and one such book is Dark Avengers. Just the concept of the book itself is an amazing one. The head of the avengers is the “former” Green Goblin, the rest of the team consists of some of the greatest villains in the Marvel Universe and their most powerful weapon, The Sentry, has the mind of a child. In Dark Avengers #6, an Atlantean terrorist cell has attacked American soil. Norman Osborn immediately takes hold of the situation and attacks swiftly and brutally. The Cabal meets, which ultimately leads to a shouting match, and the power of The Sentry is put to use. Superhero team books are only successful if they remain interesting and hold a unique, dynamic team and Bendis definitely has that with Dark Avengers. Mike Deodato and Will Conrad do an excellent job drawing these characters and also shade the book heavily, which holds true to the “dark” theme of the book. Dark Avengers, along with many other books under the “Dark Reign” banner is excellent. The Marvel Universe becomes more and more unique with each passing issue. This is one of the first Marvel events that have really enjoyed and I hope it will not be the last.

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