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Monday, March 17, 2008

What Do You Mean They're Not Superheroes?: Our Schedule, FYI

How we have decided to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the podcasts out there is pretty simple ... we just sort of throw it all at the wall and hopefully some sticks. And so I thought I would officially explain how we break down each month's podcasts.

-The first podcast of a month (the one that happens after the first week of comics for a month) we will talk about the best book we read the previous month.

-The second podcast of the month we talk about the best finished story arc or trade paperback/graphic novel that we read in the previous month.

-The third podcast of the month we will talk about the previous month's previews.

-The fourth week we talk about the mail and posts that we have received from listeners (or if we have nothing to talk about then we talk about a bunch of comics).

-And if there is a fifth week of comics for the month then we will use that podcast to explore topics like older stories, particular creator's bodies of work, and the general world of dorkery.

So there you go.

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