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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blog Log #2 (A Crooked Little Tale of Crooked Little Rich Assholes That Will Leave You With A Crooked Little Smile.)

Crooked Little Vein (a novel)

by Warren Ellis

I have seen a brand new kind of detective story. Though, there are only so many ways we can find a mystery/ detective/ crime story (and yes, this book fits one of those molds.) Crooked Little Vein gave me a whole new feeling or tone or atmosphere but surely all types of new settings. Settings, I thought you could only found in certain films. That you can find behind the old wood paneled parlor doors that lead you into the back room of a small town video store. Where you have to be a certain age to gain entry. Or, so I have been told. This story was thrilling nonetheless.

Michael McGill, a private dick finds himself on an adventure of a lifetime… one of those adventures that’ll change a man. Along his journey he finds himself in situations that no man should ever have to be subjected to. I have been told that Warren Ellis researched all the types of these situations successfully. Meaning, what you read is not as fiction as it appears. (Disclaimer- “I have been told”) Lucky for him his roads where not treaded upon alone. Being a detective story, of course, a dame is his companion. What would a detective story be without a dame around to get him all mixed in the head? While we’re on the dame, I’d be willing to bet she is a dame you have never known. It is not her fault, I believe she some how traveled here from the future and got unwillingly stuck. (but mostly willingly stuck) That there folks, is all I will say about this story. Trust me it is better if it unfolds before your own eyes.

Crooked Little Vein is a book geared toward a wide audience. Such genres as crime, mystery, detective, underground societies, alternate history, fiction, and even you fetish folks. It was a very quick, enjoyable read. I do have one gripe about this story. For those of you who have read it and want to discuss this further leave a comment. Warren Ellis delivers a wonderful, crooked tale that should be sought out by everyone who is at least in high school and older. -Rob

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